Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Primal Beer Ugh!

I was getting use to eating twice a day. Then on the weekend we went to the Gagetown fair and I fell into the 80% rule. I had a hamburger from the fair grounds. I was hungry and it seemed to be the healthiest of all that was available :-( On Sunday I was lazing around our camper watching the kids and reading "Primal Blueprint" and I thought I'd try a beer or 3 :-) Yum.

On Monday I felt it. I had my normal big breakfast of eggs, bacon, ISO shake and Chia seeds and by lunch time I was really hungry. I was thinking to myself. Oh No what have I done? I ruined a good thing. I was hungry most of the afternoon. :-( I was getting use to eating Breakfast and supper and no real need in between except a snack of grapes or and apple to keep me going.

This morning started with my regular breakfast and I loaded my lunch with snacks. Lets hope I can back on track.

Last Thursday and Friday I did not have my kids as they were with their Mom, so I decided to clear some land around my house. for those 2 days I ate my regular breakfast and one supper I had a slow cooked  pork roast and the other a slow cooked beef roast. both were delicious and sooo easy to make. I worked my ass off both days. Cutting down trees with the chainsaw, clearing away the brush, then cutting them into 18 inch length, splitting them and then using my atv to haul the wood up next to the house to pile it. Usually during that kind of work I would play out after and hour and just go inside and carb up and come back out. Not anymore. I'm loving the Primal way. so much sustained slow burn energy. No more Highs and lows.

At the end of the day 2 (Friday) I was no longer picking up the wood and setting it onto a stump to split. I just split them where they lay :-) Still amazed I had the energy to do that 2 days in a row. It's been 3 days since I did that work and I did not get a full day of soreness like I use to get. Was that a gluten thing? I know whan I worked physically hard before, two days later I would be wicket sore for a whole day. Maybe this is part of the Primal Blueprint?

I no longer miss Pepsi. I do miss my Pepsi and Canadian club, so yummy! but after having beer on the weekend and I think that messed up my rhythm :-) so I'm going to put more time into getting use to this way of life before I mess with the 80% rule. Let my body adjust to being a fat burner and not a sugar burner.

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