Monday, September 19, 2011

My journey to Starting Primal diet and way of life.

Well I was happy just eating what I was eating until...... A friend of mine told me about eating like a caveman. Instantly it made so much sense to me. So I began to look into it and found the site Marks Daily Apple.

OMG, what a difference. I use to drink minimum 3 cans of pepsi a day. I used to eat sandwiches (bread) at least 2 meals a day. It's amazing, the difference just taking those 2 out of my diet. I have not been able to go totally gluten free yet as I like Wraps, But I am working on it. 

The biggest problem I have is I that I hate vegetables. The texture and taste for the most part is what gets me. Like that smell that goes up the back of your nose when you eat green peppers. Ugh! I really don't like that. 

I do find I have more energy. for instance, I volunteer as a firefighter and last Saturday there was a Fireman's Muster at a neighboring community. Generally I would be tired and burnt out early in the day at an event like this but not this one. That morning instead of having a bowl of cereal (which was usually shreddies or raisin bran) and a couple pieces of toast with strawberry jam. I had some Skinny B ( and a Protein shake. Quite a difference, I had energy for at least 5 hrs.

On Friday the day before I ate mostly protein (no sugars or carbs) and I worked in the woods behind my house for 8 hours and I did not feel as tired and I did not quit early in the day like I use to. 

I have been reading the kindle version of Primal Blueprint and I know I'm not totally there being 80% Grok but I know I will be there soon. It seems the less I eat this stuff the less my brain tells me I need it. Thanks Mark Sisson for putting up this site and the book Primal Blueprint. I really appreciate all that you are doing for people and sharing your knowledge. 

Next step will be barefoot or close to it and fixing my diet.

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