Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Pepsi, No bread, No Sugar, No Gluten

Well it's been a few weeks now and I'm feeling good! I do miss my Pepsi but I now more than ever see the effects it had on me. I can visually see how my fat is melting away in the mirror. My weight is down 15 lbs but I believe I have been gaining muscle mass. Here is what I've been doing in short:

Eat a big breakfast, 3 eggs,5 strips of bacon and a Whey shake with Chia seeds.

Heavy lifting twice a week at the fire hall for 25 minutes each session

I now have a desk at work that I can stand or sit at. I can stand and work :-)

I walk allot I strive for 5 hrs a week of walking. Gotta get that flow of HDLs to battle the LDLs.

I educated myself by reading "Primal Blueprint" and

I find my memory in the last 2 weeks has improved. and my stress level is better. I am finding myself a bit short fused but I'm thinking there may be an increase in testosterone or the "Living like a caveman" is going to my head a bit? I also find myself being more protective of the people around me. Weird that I'd notice that?

Deciding what to bring to work for lunch sucks! I miss the old easy PB and J sandwiches or the wraps. But I'm getting better at figuring it out.

I have not made the cross over to Organic yet but I know I will. There are so many toxins in our daily food. The more I learn the more I can't believe that the Gov't allows it.

That's my ramble for today :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back on track!!!

Well today I feel I have regained where I was before I had the beer on the weekend. I had my big breakfast this morning and I did not get hungry till 7pm. yayyyyy. Does that mean I'm fat burning all day? I didn't crave sugar. Or did I eat too much in the morning and my body is processing that slowly? time will tell.

I still need to get on a set of scales. I feel that I have lost weight. I also feel stronger but that is because I have been going to the gym and I'm eating better.

As far a sleep I find that I need to go to bed earlier. When I do I go right to sleep. I find when I wake around 7 or 8am I have to get up because I'm awake and I feel rested.

I like this much better than I was before. I like the good sleeps and the much better energy. I do find there are some kind of memory issues going on but that could be normal? lol.

Yesterday I introduced Coconut Oil into my diet. There was no taste to it and I found my eggs cooked quite well in it. I think I felt some extra energy from it?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Primal Beer Ugh!

I was getting use to eating twice a day. Then on the weekend we went to the Gagetown fair and I fell into the 80% rule. I had a hamburger from the fair grounds. I was hungry and it seemed to be the healthiest of all that was available :-( On Sunday I was lazing around our camper watching the kids and reading "Primal Blueprint" and I thought I'd try a beer or 3 :-) Yum.

On Monday I felt it. I had my normal big breakfast of eggs, bacon, ISO shake and Chia seeds and by lunch time I was really hungry. I was thinking to myself. Oh No what have I done? I ruined a good thing. I was hungry most of the afternoon. :-( I was getting use to eating Breakfast and supper and no real need in between except a snack of grapes or and apple to keep me going.

This morning started with my regular breakfast and I loaded my lunch with snacks. Lets hope I can back on track.

Last Thursday and Friday I did not have my kids as they were with their Mom, so I decided to clear some land around my house. for those 2 days I ate my regular breakfast and one supper I had a slow cooked  pork roast and the other a slow cooked beef roast. both were delicious and sooo easy to make. I worked my ass off both days. Cutting down trees with the chainsaw, clearing away the brush, then cutting them into 18 inch length, splitting them and then using my atv to haul the wood up next to the house to pile it. Usually during that kind of work I would play out after and hour and just go inside and carb up and come back out. Not anymore. I'm loving the Primal way. so much sustained slow burn energy. No more Highs and lows.

At the end of the day 2 (Friday) I was no longer picking up the wood and setting it onto a stump to split. I just split them where they lay :-) Still amazed I had the energy to do that 2 days in a row. It's been 3 days since I did that work and I did not get a full day of soreness like I use to get. Was that a gluten thing? I know whan I worked physically hard before, two days later I would be wicket sore for a whole day. Maybe this is part of the Primal Blueprint?

I no longer miss Pepsi. I do miss my Pepsi and Canadian club, so yummy! but after having beer on the weekend and I think that messed up my rhythm :-) so I'm going to put more time into getting use to this way of life before I mess with the 80% rule. Let my body adjust to being a fat burner and not a sugar burner.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Work in progress. What to eat?..............

So lately what I have eating in the morning is this:

3 Eggs
5 Strips of Bacon
1 ISO Protein Shake
2 Tablespoons of Skinny B
250ml of Milk.

Triple Strength Omega 3
Vitamin D depending on weather I'm inside out out that day
GNC Multi Vitamins

I know I have to cut out the milk but I have cut out Pepsi and bread/grains so far and I really like Milk.

Most Lunches I have skipped as I was just not hungry. One day I had a handful grapes and continued on. Another I had a couple apples from the trees outside my house. It does not seem to matter how hard I work. Maybe I'm eating too much in the mornings? I'll eventually figure it out. But for now I really like it.

I find I am drinking lots of water during the day. I do not have any hungry feelings during the day so I don't snack.

For supper I have been eating mostly Roasts (Pork and Beef) that I have cooked in my slow-cooker. With  nothing but Pepper and Garlic powder added to them. YUM! A few nights I've had potatoes, but since they are listed as "In moderation" I've been cutting back on them too.

With my supper I'll have some fruits. Banana, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries or Grapes.

My journey to Starting Primal diet and way of life.

Well I was happy just eating what I was eating until...... A friend of mine told me about eating like a caveman. Instantly it made so much sense to me. So I began to look into it and found the site Marks Daily Apple.

OMG, what a difference. I use to drink minimum 3 cans of pepsi a day. I used to eat sandwiches (bread) at least 2 meals a day. It's amazing, the difference just taking those 2 out of my diet. I have not been able to go totally gluten free yet as I like Wraps, But I am working on it. 

The biggest problem I have is I that I hate vegetables. The texture and taste for the most part is what gets me. Like that smell that goes up the back of your nose when you eat green peppers. Ugh! I really don't like that. 

I do find I have more energy. for instance, I volunteer as a firefighter and last Saturday there was a Fireman's Muster at a neighboring community. Generally I would be tired and burnt out early in the day at an event like this but not this one. That morning instead of having a bowl of cereal (which was usually shreddies or raisin bran) and a couple pieces of toast with strawberry jam. I had some Skinny B ( and a Protein shake. Quite a difference, I had energy for at least 5 hrs.

On Friday the day before I ate mostly protein (no sugars or carbs) and I worked in the woods behind my house for 8 hours and I did not feel as tired and I did not quit early in the day like I use to. 

I have been reading the kindle version of Primal Blueprint and I know I'm not totally there being 80% Grok but I know I will be there soon. It seems the less I eat this stuff the less my brain tells me I need it. Thanks Mark Sisson for putting up this site and the book Primal Blueprint. I really appreciate all that you are doing for people and sharing your knowledge. 

Next step will be barefoot or close to it and fixing my diet.