Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Pepsi, No bread, No Sugar, No Gluten

Well it's been a few weeks now and I'm feeling good! I do miss my Pepsi but I now more than ever see the effects it had on me. I can visually see how my fat is melting away in the mirror. My weight is down 15 lbs but I believe I have been gaining muscle mass. Here is what I've been doing in short:

Eat a big breakfast, 3 eggs,5 strips of bacon and a Whey shake with Chia seeds.

Heavy lifting twice a week at the fire hall for 25 minutes each session

I now have a desk at work that I can stand or sit at. I can stand and work :-)

I walk allot I strive for 5 hrs a week of walking. Gotta get that flow of HDLs to battle the LDLs.

I educated myself by reading "Primal Blueprint" and

I find my memory in the last 2 weeks has improved. and my stress level is better. I am finding myself a bit short fused but I'm thinking there may be an increase in testosterone or the "Living like a caveman" is going to my head a bit? I also find myself being more protective of the people around me. Weird that I'd notice that?

Deciding what to bring to work for lunch sucks! I miss the old easy PB and J sandwiches or the wraps. But I'm getting better at figuring it out.

I have not made the cross over to Organic yet but I know I will. There are so many toxins in our daily food. The more I learn the more I can't believe that the Gov't allows it.

That's my ramble for today :-)

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