Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back on track!!!

Well today I feel I have regained where I was before I had the beer on the weekend. I had my big breakfast this morning and I did not get hungry till 7pm. yayyyyy. Does that mean I'm fat burning all day? I didn't crave sugar. Or did I eat too much in the morning and my body is processing that slowly? time will tell.

I still need to get on a set of scales. I feel that I have lost weight. I also feel stronger but that is because I have been going to the gym and I'm eating better.

As far a sleep I find that I need to go to bed earlier. When I do I go right to sleep. I find when I wake around 7 or 8am I have to get up because I'm awake and I feel rested.

I like this much better than I was before. I like the good sleeps and the much better energy. I do find there are some kind of memory issues going on but that could be normal? lol.

Yesterday I introduced Coconut Oil into my diet. There was no taste to it and I found my eggs cooked quite well in it. I think I felt some extra energy from it?

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