Friday, October 14, 2011

Did Grok Cut down trees?

Monday past on Thanksgiving I had 4 cords of 16 foot firewood delivered to my house. I really enjoy the exercise and the satisfaction from cutting and splitting my own. I also believe it give me a real strength that I cannot get at the gym. Yesterday I spent the whole day Cutting the wood into 18" lengths and splitting some.

Last year I split and cut it all. It seemed to take forever :-) This year I have 2 people offer to lend me their wood splitters, So I think I will take them up on their offer for the bigger pieces with lots of knots.

So I got to thinking yesterday. Did Grok cut trees? Maybe to build a shelter? but probably not for firewood. probably already down and ready to burn.

By 5pm I was super sore and pretty tired after a full day at the pile. For breakfast I had my usual 3 eggs, bacon, whey shake and chia seeds. At lunch time I began to feel tired and went in and had a Banana. around 3pm I crawled onto the kids trampoline and had a little power nap in the sun.

Mark's new book is going to be released next Tuesday, 21 day guide. I can't wait. I'll have a link to it here on Tuesday.

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