Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eat it, But you are gonna pay for it!

So True!Until I began to eat Primaly I never really understood how food could affect you so easily. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and had some regular Lays chips and I have a few Rye and Pepsi. YUM!!!

Today, I pay for it.

When I woke up this morning and got up for my regular morning ritual. My feet hurt. Some thing that I had not felt in a while and that I knew instantly had something to do with what I hate ate the day before. The only things that were out of my normal Primal Diet were Pepsi or Rye or Chips.

For a long time I had that sore feet  in the morning. I had totally forgot about that feeling till I stood up this morning. Instantly I thought what caused this? I give thanks to Mark Sissons book Primal Blueprint for helping me to understand this.

I am amazed the more I eat primaly the more I notice. If I eat something that is not good for me. My body is not long telling me. Just amazes me that more people dont' already know that they should eat this way. All these products we see on TV and we are lead to believe that they are good for you.

Say NO to grains. Say NO to Sugar. Say NO to processed foods.

Grok ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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